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DJI Dominates – A Drone Future - Simon Yap
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DJI Dominates – A Drone Future

By Simon Yap

September 2018

DJI’s dominance of the aerial drone market continues as last month marks the release of their latest additions to the DJI Mavic family; the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.  It is interesting to see in such a short space of time, the increase in popularity and wide range in availability, not just from DJI but a host of other drone manufacturers competing for space in the consumer market.  I’d read an interesting article recently about Commercial Drones in Industry, which promoted me to look back into DJI history and the wider drone industry as a whole.  This post is not a review or comparison of the new DJI Mavic’s.

Sunset Drone DJI Mavic

Take off for Sunset flight. DJI Mavic Pro. Mai Khao Beach, Phuket Thailand

The Hardware v Software Race

As with everything based on technology, the pace of development, improvement and innovation is relentless and it’s hard from a consumer standpoint to keep up with the financial outlay of each new release.

DJI Drone Timeline

A timeline of the release dates of DJI’s consumer drones

The advances in both hardware and software are expanding drone capabilities and enhancing their use from the consumer market and into commercial industry.   The Facebook Aquila project is a solar powered drone that will provide internet services to remote villages in Africa and other isolated towns in developing countries.  In construction, Caterpillar have invested into the Airware venture with Intel to provide drone services for inspecting building sites and creating progress reports.  To reduce cost and risk to human labour, the Oil & Gas industry has started to deploy drones to inspect offshore rigs instead of flying out a helicopter and crew.  Amazon’s PrimerAir service will also begin it’s delivery service once government regulations are in place to support it.

And it is DJI that currently dominates on both technological fronts; hardware and software.  Da-Jiang Innovations founded in 2006 by Frank Wang, operates out of Shenzhen in China and their dominance in drone hardware has easily transferred into dominance of on-board software leading to mostly unsuccessful efforts by rivals to develop alternative products that are able to compete across the wider market.

DJI Dominance

According to a MarketLine report on “Commercial Drones: Numerous industries to be transformed by unmanned flight”, DJI accounts for 72% of drone sales across all pricing points.  The company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and rapid development of new products has resulted in growing success and a strengthening of consumer confidence.   DJI now also offers insurance, repair and financing service to its corporate customers, while at the same time it continues to lead in the consumer market as they are able to offer lower priced drones with high quality components as compared to their competitors.

Remember the big release of GoPro’s Karma? What ever happened to that – in January 2018 GoPro officially announced that it would exit the aerial drone market after all current stock of the Karma had been sold.

Top Tips for Flying

I myself use the DJI Mavic Pro, which I love flying, but was resistant at first to buy until I was convinced by my lovely wife.  We were actually considering buying the GoPro Karma, thankfully we didn’t, given what has happened.

Personally, I love the Mavic Pro.  The quality of the build & materials used, it’s compact and light weight size and the impressive range of intelligence flight modes makes flying this drone a lot of fun.  Not to mention of course the quality camera capture for both video and photo.

I would love to upgrade to the Mavic 2 Zoom to have the zoom functionality and better quality camera, but like I mentioned at the start of this article, it’s hard for consumers to keep up with the rapid new release of every model.  So for now, I’m very happy to keep buzzing around the skies with my Mavic Pro and if the future continues to be dominated by DJI, I certainly wouldn’t be one to complain. As an afterthought, it would be interesting to see what new technology brings into the drone market and if, when and  how a competitor could potentially take some market share….

Check out one of the first videos we made when we unboxed the DJI Mavic Pro and took her for a maiden spin!

Stay tuned for my next blog on the Top Tips for Flying.  If you like what you’ve read, please leave some comments below and follow me on my YouTube channel and Instagram feed.


Ref: http://marketline.com/

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