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#TodayWeExplore Interior Photography - Simon Yap
The Experience

#TodayWeExplore Interior Photography

By Simon Yap

August 2018

It’s a Saturday 8am morning, raining hard and I’m taking shelter under the restaurant awnings in Dempsey. I wanted to take my Mavic Pro up and capture some aerial shots of the old army Barack’s nestled amongst the greenery, but that’s not happening now.  I have an hour to kill before everyone shows up.

Today I have been invited to join #TodayWeExplore, a local travel and social media influencer, in conjunction with Singapore Tourism Board, on a unique tour of the iconic Singapore Black & White houses. The Singapore Tourism Awards (STA) is an annual event that celebrates Singapore’s best in the tourism industry and this morning we had the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside Singapore’s iconic Black and White colonial houses.  The Black and White Houses Tour is provided by Jane’s Tours and was the 2018 winner of the “Best Tour Experience”.

Black & White House

Singapore’s iconic heritage homes, the colonial black and white house.

Today was all about The Experience, a chance to step back in history as we visited three black and white houses.  Jane herself was our tour guide providing great detail on the history, the architecture and the role of the black and white houses in Singapore’s heritage.  The tour also covers the stories of those who once lived in these houses

I’ve always had a very personal interest in real estate, but never had it occurred to me to try interior photography, so this tour also presented a chance to try my lens at it, get some interesting shots, plus have a look at how the other half live in these fantastic colonial buildings (Crazy Rich Asians spring to mind).  You can see some of my photos below and also on my Instagram feed.

Black & White Houses Tour

A beautifully decorated master bedroom captured using wide angle16-35mm.

Black & White Houses Tour

Decoration close-up using a 35mm prime for bokeh background.

Starting at the first house I used my 16-35mm lens, which was great to capture those wide angles giving a great perspective with as much of the room in the frame as possible.  For the second and third house, I switched up to my 35mm f1.8 prime lens as I attempted to get the beautiful close-ups with the creamy bokeh background blur. I did find this quite a challenge as the tighter angle meant I really had to be more selective and creative with the angles and shots I could capture.



I tried to be a little creative with my point of view, as much as I wanted to capture the whole of every room, I also wanted to use angles and the natural horizontal and vertical lines to highlight certain aspects of the decoration and the design.  These homes were beautifully decorated, which in itself is an art form and can be represented as such in a photo.

Black & White Houses Tour

Interior photography; capturing the colours.

Black & White Houses Tour

Interior photography, not always about capturing wide angle perspectives.

Black & White Houses Tour

The interior design is like an art form in itself.

It was a fantastic experience, a tour that is different to the normal activities you see in Singapore and I can highly recommend it.  Thank you once again to #TodayWeExplore for giving me the opportunity to join, thank you to Jane for her enthusiasm, energy and knowledge making her tour truly memorable and thank you to Singapore Tourism Board for promoting these tour experiences to the wider community.

To see more photos of the Black & White  Jane’s Tours, please check out my portfolio.






Black & White Houses Tour

Singapore’s black and white homes, inspired by a mix to English Tudor and Malay architecture.

Jane’s Tours: www.janestours.sg

Singapore Tourism Board: www.stb.gov.sg and www.visitsingapore.com

Singapore Tourism Awards: www.singaporetourismawards.com

Instagram: @simon_yap_experience @TodayWeExplore @Janessgtours

#ExploreWithSTA #SingaporeTourismAwards

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  1. Foar
    August 25, 2018 Reply

    photos are great! Love reading about your experiences. Keep up the good work.

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